pathway_list: Gene pair based pathway lists.

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This data includes gene pair based pathway lists used in DysPIA. Based on the R package ‘graphite’(PMID: 22292714, PMID: 30184047), direct gene-gene regulations and metabolite based propagated gene-gene regulations were retrieved from the pathways in 8 public pathway databases for Homo sapiens (version 01/31/2020) which are Reactome (PMID: 18981052), KEGG (PMID: 9847135), BioCarta (, Panther (PMID: 23193289), PathBank (PMID: 31602464), NCI/Nature Pathway Interaction Database (PMID: 18832364), SMPDB (PMID: 24203708), and PharmGKB (PMID: 22992668). Totally, there are 333,484 gene pairs in 99,984 pathways. (data version: 01/31/2020)



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