EBEN-package: Empirical Bayesian Elastic Net (EBEN)

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Fast EBEN algorithms.
EBEN implements a normal and generalized gamma hierearchical priors.
( ** ) Two parameters (alpha, lambda) are equivalent with elastic net priors.
( ** ) When parameter alpha = 1, it is equivalent with EBlasso-NE (normal + exponential)
Two models are available for both methods:
( ** ) General linear regression model.
( ** ) Logistic regression model.
( ** ) for group of high correlated or collinear variables: EBEN identifies the group of variables estimates their effects together.
( ** ) group of variables can be selected together.
*Epistasis (two-way interactions) can be included for all models/priors
*model implemented with memory efficient c code.
*LAPACK/BLAS are used for most linear algebra computations.


Package: EBEN
Type: Package
Version: 4.6
Date: 2015-10-06
License: gpl


Anhui Huang


key algorithms:
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