Man pages for EDISON
Network Reconstruction and Changepoint Detection

AcceptableMoveCheck if move is acceptable.
addProposalNetworkInfoAdd the proposed new network to the new.nets list.
BinoHyperMoveMakes a binomial hyperparameter move.
BinoHyperRatioCalculates the MH ratio of the binomial prior.
bp.computeAlphaComputes the acceptance ratio of two changepoint...
buildXYBuilds response Y and predictor X.
CalculateChangesFunction to calculate the number of differences between...
calculateCPPGlobalCalculated the global changepoint probabilities.
calculateCPProbabilitiesCalculate the changepoint probabilities.
calculateEdgeProbabilitiesCalculate the edge probabilities.
calculateEdgeProbabilitiesSegsCalculate edge probabilities for fixed segments.
calculateEdgeProbabilitiesTimePointsCalculate the edge posterior probabilities for each...
CalculateLikelihoodRatioCalculates the ratio of two likelihoods in a structure move.
CalculatePriorRatioCalculates the network prior ratio.
CollectNetworkInfoCollects all the network information in one list.
computePxCompute projection matrix.
computeRho4Calculate proposal frequencies for changepoint moves.
convert_netsConvert internal representation of networks.
cp.birthMake changepoint birth move.
cp.deathMake changepoint death move.
cp.shiftMakes a changepoint shift move.
defaultOptionsSet the default options for the MCMC simulation.
dinvgammaCalculate inverse gamma distribution.
EDISON-packageAllows for network reconstruction and changepoint detection.
EDISON.runWrapper function for starting an MCMC simulation
ExpHyperMoveMakes an exponential hyperparameter move.
ExpHyperRatioTargetCalculates the ratio of an exponential hyperparameter move.
fix_eigenvaluesModify network to ensure stationarity.
generateNetworkGenerate a random network.
HyperparameterMoveMake a hyperparameter move.
HyperParmsSets up initial values of hyperparameters.
initInitialise the MCMC simulation.
mainMain function of the MCMC simulation.
make_structure_moveMakes a structure move.
NetworkProbBinoCalculates the prior probability of the network segments...
NetworkProbExpCalculates the prior probability of the network using the...
NetworkRatioBinoCalculates the ratio of binomial prior probabilites.
NetworkRatioExpCalculates the ratio of exponential network prior...
outputCollects and saves output.
phase.updateMake a network structure or hyperparameter move.
PriorRatioPoissonCalculate network prior ratio with Poisson prior.
proposalTuningTune the proposal width for betas.
proposeContinuousPropose a new real hyperparameter value.
ProposeDiscretePropose a new discrete value.
psrfCalculates the potential scale reduction factor.
psrf_checkCheck the potential scale reduction factors for all...
psrf_check_hyperChecks the potential scale reduction factor for the...
readDataTSRead target data.
rinvgammaSamples from the inverse gamma distribution.
runDBNSetup and run the MCMC simulation.
sampleBinitSample initial regression coefficients.
sampleBxySample regression coefficients.
sampleDelta2Sample delta squared.
sampleKSample initial number of changepoints.
sampleParmsSample initial parameters for the MCMC simulation.
sampleSig2Sample initial sigma squared.
simulateNetworkGenerate network and simulate data.
updateSigMultiUpdate sigma squared variances.
updateSigSoloSample new values for sigma squared.
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