Man pages for EPT
Ensemble Patch Transform, Visualization and Decomposition

eptdecompDecomposition of a signal by Ensemble Patch Transform
eptdecomp2dDecomposition of an Image by Two-dimensional Ensemble Patch...
EPT-internalInternal EPT Functions
eptmapMultiscale Visualization of Ensemble Patch Transform of a...
eptplotPlot of Components by Ensemble Patch Transform of a Signal
eptransfEnsemble Patch Transform of a Signal
eptransf2dTwo-dimensional Ensemble Patch Transform of an Image
localextremaFinding Local Extrema and Zero-crossings of a Signal
LODLength of Day Data
meptransfMultiscale Ensemble Patch Transforms of a Signal
meptransf2dMultiscale Two-dimensional Ensemble Patch Transforms of an...
SolarRadiationSolar Radiation
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