Man pages for EasyMx
Easy Model-Builder Functions for 'OpenMx'

EasyMx-packageEasyMx: Easy modeling in OpenMx
emxCholeskyComponentCreates component for a Cholesky Model
emxCholeskyVarianceCreate a variance matrix in Cholesky form
emxCovariancesCreate a set of covariances
emxFactorModelCreate a factor model
emxGeneticFactorComponentCreates component for a Genetic Factor Model
emxGeneticFactorVarianceCreates a variance matrix accoring to the Genetic Factor...
emxGrowthModelCreate a latent growth curve model
emxKroneckerVarianceCreates a large Variance matrix by Kroneckering two smaller...
emxLoadingsCreate a factor loadings matrix
emxMeansCreate a set of means
emxMixtureModelCreate a mixture model
emxRegressionModelCreate a regression model
emxRelatednessMatrixCreate a relatedness matrix
emxResidualsCreate a residual variances matrix
emxThresholdsCreate a set of thresholds for ordinal data
emxTwinModelCreates behavior genetics Twin Model
emxVarianceComponentsCreates Variance Components Model
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