EcoHydRology: A community modeling foundation for Eco-Hydrology.

This package provides a flexible foundation for scientists, engineers, and policy makers to base teaching exercises as well as for more applied use to model complex eco-hydrological interactions.

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AuthorFuka DR, Walter MT, Archibald JA, Steenhuis TS, and Easton ZM
Date of publication2014-04-04 08:09:55
MaintainerDaniel Fuka <>

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Man pages

alter_files: A function to alter files called from swat_objective_function

AtmosphericEmissivity: Atmospheric Emissivity

BaseflowSeparation: Baseflow Separation

build_gsod_forcing_data: Parsing gzipped GSOD dataset.

calib_swat_ex: A function demostrate an example series of steps to calibrate...

change_params: Example dataframe of parameters, ranges, and search strings...

ConvertFlowUnits: Unit conversion for flow rates

declination: Solar Declination

EcoHydRology-package: A community modeling foundation for Eco-Hydrology.

EnvirEnergy: The Surface Net Energy Budget

EstCloudiness: Estimated Cloudiness

EvapHeat: Evaporative heat exchange between a wet surface and the...

get_cfsr_latlon: This is a funciton to grab daily summaries of the CFSR from...

get_gsod_stn: Obtain Global Summary of Day data

get_usgs_gage: A function to grab daily stream flow measurements from the...

GroundHeat: Heat conducted to the bottom of a snowpack

GSOD_history: ish-history.txt

hydrograph: Plot a hydrograph

Longwave: Daily Longwave Radiation

Lumped_VSA_model: Lumped Variable Source Area (VSA) Watershed Model

NetRad: Daily Net Radiation

OwascoInlet: Owasco Inlet data

PET_fromTemp: Priestley-Taylor Potential Evapotranspiration from...

PotentialSolar: Potential Solar Radiation

PotSolarInst: Instantaneous Potential Solar Radiation

PTpet: Priestley-Taylor potential evapotranspiration

RainHeat: Heat from Rain

RunoffBreakdown: Daily overland runoff breakdown

SatVaporDensity: Saturated Vapor Density

SatVaporPressure: Saturated Vapor Pressure

SatVapPresSlope: Slope of the relationship between Saturation Vapor Pressure...

SensibleHeat: Sensible Heat Exchange

setup_swatcal: A function to setup a swat calibration

slopefactor: Slope Factor

SnowMelt: Snow Melt Calculator

SoilStorage: Calculating S in the Curve Number Equation from soil water...

Solar: Solar Radiation

solarangle: Solar Angle

SWAT2005: This runs the SWAT2005 executable in the current directory.

swat_general: All files required for a general SWAT run.

swat_objective_function: A simple example objective function to be modified by user

swat_objective_function_rch: An example objective function for calibrating SWAT2005 model.

testSWAT2005: A function to test the numerical correctness of the SWAT2005...

transmissivity: Transmissivity


alter_files Man page
AtmosphericEmissivity Man page
BaseflowSeparation Man page
build_gsod_forcing_data Man page
calib_swat_ex Man page
change_params Man page
ConvertFlowUnits Man page
declination Man page
EcoHydRology Man page
EcoHydRology-package Man page
EnvirEnergy Man page
EstCloudiness Man page
EvapHeat Man page
get_cfsr_latlon Man page
get_gsod_stn Man page
get_usgs_gage Man page
GroundHeat Man page
GSOD_history Man page
hydrograph Man page
Longwave Man page
Lumped_VSA_model Man page
NetRad Man page
OwascoInlet Man page
PET_fromTemp Man page
PotentialSolar Man page
PotSolarInst Man page
PTpet Man page
RainHeat Man page
RunoffBreakdown Man page
SatVaporDensity Man page
SatVaporPressure Man page
SatVapPresSlope Man page
SensibleHeat Man page
setup_swatcal Man page
slopefactor Man page
SnowMelt Man page
SoilStorage Man page
Solar Man page
solarangle Man page
SWAT2005 Man page
swat_general Man page
swat_objective_function Man page
swat_objective_function_rch Man page
testSWAT2005 Man page
transmissivity Man page


R/alter_files.R R/AtmosphericEmissivity.R R/SWAT2005.R R/get_cfsr_latlon.R R/PotSolarInst.R R/swat_objective_function_rch.R R/transmissivity.R R/NetRad.R R/testSWAT2005.R R/ConvertFlowUnits.R R/Lumped_VSA_model.R R/RunoffBreakdown.R R/solarangle.R R/get_usgs_gage.R R/Longwave.R R/hydrograph.R R/RainHeat.R R/BaseflowSeparation.R R/build_gsod_forcing_data.R R/SensibleHeat.R R/PTpet.R R/slopefactor.R R/EvapHeat.R R/get_gsod_stn.R R/PotentialSolar.R R/EstCloudiness.R R/EnvirEnergy.R R/calib_swat_ex.R R/SatVaporDensity.R R/declination.R R/SatVapPresSlope.R R/SoilStorage.r R/GroundHeat.R R/setup_swatcal.R R/SnowMelt.R R/swat_objective_function.R R/Solar.R R/PET_fromTemp.R R/SatVaporPressure.R
man/solarangle.Rd man/EvapHeat.Rd man/slopefactor.Rd man/NetRad.Rd man/EcoHydRology-package.Rd man/PET_fromTemp.Rd man/PotSolarInst.Rd man/build_gsod_forcing_data.Rd man/ConvertFlowUnits.Rd man/RunoffBreakdown.Rd man/Solar.Rd man/swat_objective_function_rch.Rd man/swat_objective_function.Rd man/AtmosphericEmissivity.Rd man/SWAT2005.Rd man/SnowMelt.Rd man/setup_swatcal.Rd man/SatVaporDensity.Rd man/swat_general.Rd man/RainHeat.Rd man/transmissivity.Rd man/SatVaporPressure.Rd man/testSWAT2005.Rd man/change_params.Rd man/OwascoInlet.Rd man/EnvirEnergy.Rd man/SoilStorage.Rd man/Longwave.Rd man/alter_files.Rd man/get_usgs_gage.Rd man/BaseflowSeparation.Rd man/hydrograph.Rd man/GSOD_history.Rd man/SensibleHeat.Rd man/get_cfsr_latlon.Rd man/Lumped_VSA_model.Rd man/PTpet.Rd man/declination.Rd man/SatVapPresSlope.Rd man/calib_swat_ex.Rd man/PotentialSolar.Rd man/EstCloudiness.Rd man/get_gsod_stn.Rd man/GroundHeat.Rd

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