plot.sizenullmod: Size Ratio Plot Function

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Plot Size Ratio null model object.


## S3 method for class 'sizenullmod'
plot(x, type = "hist", ...)



the null model object to plot.


the type of null model plot to display. See details for more information.


Other variables to be passed on to base plotting.


the valid types for the Size Overlap module are "hist" to display a histogram of the simulated metric values, and "size" to display the observed data matrix and one simulated matrix.

The "hist" plot type is common to all EcoSimR modules. The blue histogram represents the NRep values of the metric for the simulated assemblages. The red vertical line represents the metric value for the real assemblage. The two pairs of vertical dashed black lines represent the one-tailed (long dash) and two-tailed (short dash) 95

The "size" plot type illustrates the trait data (observed = red, simulated = blue). Each circle in the number line represents the trait value of a different species. For the observed and simulated data, a histogram of the ordered size differences is also illustrated.

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