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Data sets from "Introductory Statistics for Engineering Experimentation"

absorbOil absorption of silica
adhesionAdhesive qualities of a lens coating
alumAluminum impurity amounts
applicatApplication of powder coating
assayYield from two processes
bacteriaBacteria count in water samples
bathElectrical resistance after water bath
batteryBattery lifetime in laptop computers
brightBrightness of de-inked newspaper
calciumCalcium levels before and after taking vitamin
caliperDiameters of rods measured by two calipers
ccthicknClear coat thickness
cementDrying times of concrete
cheesePercentage fat in cheese
chemreacYield of a chemical reaction
computerRepair time of computers
cureYield from a chemical curing process
curlCurl of transparencies
defoamHeight of solution with defoamer
deinkDe-inking of newsprint
deink2De-inking of newsprint
dhazeHaze of lenses after abrasion
diagnosticConsistency of diagnostic kits
diameterDiameter of product
droughtWater usage in 2001 and 2002
drumsWeights of drums before and after filling
dryMoisture content after drying
epoxyEffect of epoxy level on appearance
exposureAppearance of panels after exposure to weather
fbuildAppearance for film builds
fillFill amount in tamped cylinders
fillweightFill weight by batch
fishToxin concentrations in fish by site
fluorideFluoride levels from water sources
glossGloss of paint on cars
labcompInter-lab study
lwAutomotive paint formulation
lwswAppearance measures of automotive paints
moistureMoisture content of a silica product
mwAppearance measure of paint
odorOdor, yellowing and hardness of optical coating
ovenDrying of silica
phpH measurements in a chemical process
phmeasComparison of instruments to measure pH
pigmentYellowing of paint for different pigments
proteinAssay of protein in blood
purityPurity of product from a filtration process
railcarRail car hold times
railcar3Moisture level versus type of rail car
ratingsRatings of raw materials
ratings2Product ratings and moisture content
reflectAnti-reflective coating measurements
safetySafety violations over time
salesSales versus capital expenditure
sareaSurface area of silica
separateElectrical resistance of battery separators
soapSoap sales by packaging type
stabStability of a chemical product
stretchStretch of hot pizza cheese
surfareaSurface area of silica
tabletsLifetime of chlorine tablets
temprateEffect of water bath on moisture content
tennisDurability of tennis ball covers
tensileTensile breaking strength of steel samples
thinfilmStrength of thin film coatings
timetempTime to nominal temperature
tpasteTurbidity of a toothpaste formulation
urineMercury level in employee urine samples
uvcoatinComparison of eyeglass ultra-violet coatings
uvovenUV absorbance for lens cured in different ovens
viscosityTime to gelling of paint samples
vitaminCalcium levels before and after vitamin supplement
washAppearance of washed and unwashed panels
waterBacteria concentrations in water samples
webtraffWeb site traffic during a marketing campaign
webvisitWeb site visits over a 3-week period
weightWeight plastic bags held before breaking
whiteareaComparison of mixing processes
yellowInitial and 1 month color measure of coated lens
yieldYield of a chemical process
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