Man pages for EnsCat
Clustering of Categorical Data

alphadataAlphaherpesvirinae virus genome sequence data
BenhcPerforms bootstrap ensemble hierarchical clustering for...
cancerPrimary tumor domain (cancer) data
CTNconvert genetic data (nucleotides) to numerical values
ebolaEbolavirus genome sequence data
enhcHiPerforms ensemble hierarchical clustering for high...
EnsCat-packageThis package includes several methods that can be used to...
ggdplotNice plots of hierarchical clustering results via...
hammingDCalculate the hamming distance between data points.
kmodesRun Kmodes
lymphoLymphography domian (lympho) data
mushMushroom data
rhabdodataRhabdoviridae virus genome sequence data
soybeanSoybean (small) data
tangleGenerate a tanglegram from two hierarchical clusterings of a...
USFlagUnited States Flag Privately-Owned Merchant Fleet Data
zoozoo data
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