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Classes for containing base learner batch CV training output.

Objects from the Class

BaseLearner.CV.Batch.FitObj is virtual Class; therefore, no objects may be created from it. Class Regression.CV.Batch.FitObj is the output of Regression.CV.Batch.Fit function.



Object of class "list", contains a list of objects of class BaseLearner.CV.FitObj, one per base learner instance.


Object of class "Instance.List", the list of base learner instance passed to the function Regression.CV.Batch.Fit that produces the object.


Object of class "logical", the boolean flag indicating whether estimation objects are saved to files or help in memory.


Object of class "OptionalCharacter", list of temporary files used for storing estimation objects (if any).


Object of class "list", with elements start and end, holding the start and end indexes into the tempfiles vector for each of the base learner instances trained.


Execution times for each base learner in the batch. Note: Currently implemented for serial execution only.

In addition, Regression.CV.Batch.FitObj contains the following slots:


Object of class "matrix", with each column being the training-set prediction for one of base learner instances.


Object of class "OptionalNumeric", holding the response variable values for training set. This slot can be NULL for memory efficiency purposes.


No methods defined with class "BaseLearner.CV.Batch.FitObj" in the signature.


Alireza S. Mahani, Mansour T.A. Sharabiani

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