plot.epenreg: Plot function for 'epenreg' model

Description Usage Arguments Value Author(s)


Function for generating diagnostics plot for epenreg trained model.


## S3 method for class 'epenreg'
plot(x, ...)



Object of class "epenreg", typically the output of function epenreg.


Arguments passed to/from other methods.


Function plot.epenreg creates two sub-plots in a figure: 1) a plot of base learner CV errors, with one data point per base learner configuration. The horizontal dotted line indicates the CV error corresponding to the chosen base learner configuration. For "default" method, this is the same as the minimum error of points on this plot; 2) plot of CV error as a function of the value of shrinkage parameter (x-axis in log scale). The minimum point of this plot is chosen as the optimal lambda and subsequently used for prediction.


Mansour T.A. Sharabiani, Alireza S. Mahani

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