Man pages for EvalEst
Dynamic Systems Estimation - Extensions

coef.TSmodelEstEvalSpecific Methods for coef
distributionGenerate distribution plots of Monte Carlo simulations
distribution.coefEstEvalPlot distribution of estimates
EstEvalEvaluate an estimation method
generateSSmodelRandomly generate a state space model
genMineDataGenerate Data
MonteCarloSimulationsGenerate simulations
nseries.MonteCarloSimulationsNumber of Series
print.estimatedModelsPrint Specific Methods
roots.coefEstEvalRoots Specific Methods
seriesNamesInput.MonteCarloSimulationsTS Input and Output Specific Methods
summary.EstEvalSummary Specific Methods
testEqual.EstEvalSpecific Methods for Testing Equality
tfplot.coefEstEvalSpecific tfplot methods for coefEstEval (EstEval) objects
tfplot.MonteCarloSimulationsGenerate plots of Monte Carlo simulations
tfplot.rootsEstEvalSpecific tfplot methods for rootsEstEval (EstEval) objects
tfplot.TSdata.eeSpecific Methods for tfplot
TobsMonteCarloSimulationsTframe or Number of Observations
TSdata.coefEstEvalTS Extractor Specific Methods
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