Man pages for EventStudy
Event Study Analysis

aar_resultsAn R6 object that contains AAR results.
ApplicationInputInterfaceAbstract Application Input Interface for Event Study R...
ARCApplicationInputAbnormal Return Calculation Parameters
AVCApplicationInputAbnormal Volume Calculation Parameters
AVyCApplicationInputAbnormal Volatility Calculation Parameters
CAAR-Results.An R6 object that contains CAAR results.
checkClassCheck column type
checkDateFormatCheck on correct date format
checkESTAPIErrorGet Google API errors
checkFileCheck input data files
checkFilesCheck EventStudy input files
doHttrRequestGet URL content based on local
errorMessageGet the error message
estAPIKeySet eventStudy API Key
EventStudyAddinRStudio Addin for performing an Event Study
EventStudyAPIAPE Entry Point
EventStudyApplicationInputAbnormal Return Calculation (ARC) API Wrapper
getDefaultApplicationInputReturns default parameters for an EventStudy type
getSP500ExampleFilesThis function copies the three csv files to the actual...
isErrorIs this a try error?
myMessageCustomer message log level
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
ResultParserParses request and results files returned from our Event...
retryRequestThis functionality is borrowed from:...
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