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Unconditional Exact Tests R Package


This package performs unconditional exact tests using exact.test for independent samples or paired.exact.test function for paired samples. The unconditional exact tests for independent samples are referred to as Barnard's (1945, 1947) test and also extended to test two paired proportions. This package also includes the power.exact.test and power.paired.test functions to calculate the power of various tests and the exact.reject.region and paired.reject.region functions to determine the rejection region of a test.


Unconditional exact tests are a more powerful alternative than conditional exact tests. This package can compute p-values, confidence intervals, and power calculations for various tests. Details of the tests are given in the exact.test documentation for independent samples and paired.exact.test documentation for paired samples.


Thoughout the years I have received help while creating this package. Special thanks goes to Philo Calhoun, Tal Galili, Kamil Erguler, Roger Berger, Karl Hufthammer, and the R community.


Peter Calhoun [aut, cre]

Maintainer: Peter Calhoun <calhoun.peter@gmail.com>


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