Man pages for FAMT
Factor Analysis for Multiple Testing (FAMT) : simultaneous tests under dependence in high-dimensional data

annotationsGene annotations data frame
as.FAMTdataCreate a 'FAMTdata' object from an expression, covariates and...
covariatesCovariates data frame
defactoFAMT factors description
emfaFactor Analysis model adjustment with the EM algorithm
expressionGene expressions data frame
FAMT-packageFactor Analysis for Multiple Testing (FAMT) : simultaneous...
modelFAMTThe FAMT complete multiple testing procedure
nbfactorsEstimation of the optimal number of factors of the FA model
pi0FAMTEstimation of the Proportion of True Null Hypotheses
raw.pvaluesCalculation of classical multiple testing statistics and...
residualsFAMTCalculation of residual under null hypothesis
summaryFAMTSummary of a FAMTdata or a FAMTmodel
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