Man pages for FAMoS
A Flexible Algorithm for Model Selection (FAMoS)

aicc.weightsPlot evidence ratios
base.optimFit Parameters of a Model
combine.and.fitCombine and Fit Parameters
combine.parCombine Fitted and Non-fitted Parameters
famosAutomated Model Selection
famos.performancePlot FAMoS Performance
famos.runFAMoS performance test run
get.most.distantGet Most Distant Model
ic.orderPlot Model Information Criteria
make.directoriesCreate Results Directories
model.apprTest for Model Appropriateness
parscale.famosControl Function for Optim
random.init.modelGenerate Random Starting Model
retrieve.resultsRetrieve Model Results
return.resultsReturn Final Results
set.crit.parmsConvert Critical and Swap Sets
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