Man pages for FAO56
Evapotranspiration Based on FAO Penman-Monteith Equation

AtmPresAtmospheric Pressure (P)
CSSRadClear-Sky Solar Radiation (R_so)
DD2RadDegree to Radian Converter
DHDaylight Hours (N)
EarSunDisInverse Earth-Sun Distance (d_r)
EffPrecEffective Monthly Precipitation (P_eff)
ET_cCrop Evapotranspiration (ET_c)
ETo_FPMFAO Penman-Monteith Reference Evapotranspiration (ETo)...
ETo_HrgHargreaves Reference Evapotranspiration (ETo) Equation
ETo_PanEvapotranspiration based on Pan Evaporation Method
ExRadExtraterrestrial Radiation for Daily Periods (R_a)
FAO56-packageA package for computating the crop evapotranspiration and...
JulDateJulian Date
Kc_CerealsCrop Coefficients (Kc) of Cereals
Kc_Fibre_CropsCrop Coefficients (Kc) of Fibre Crops
Kc_ForagesCrop Coefficients (Kc) of Forages
Kc_Fruit_TreesCrop Coefficients (Kc) of Fruit Trees
Kc_Grapes_and_BerriesCrop Coefficients (Kc) of Grapes and Berries
Kc_LegumesCrop Coefficients (Kc) of Legumes
Kc_Oil_CropsCrop Coefficients (Kc) of Oil Crops
KC_Perennial_VegetablesCrop Coefficients (Kc) of Perennial Vegetables
Kc_Roots_and_TubersCrop Coefficients (Kc) of Roots and Tubers
Kc_Small_VegetablesCrop Coefficients (Kc) of Small Vegetables
Kc_SpecialCrop Coefficients (Kc) of Special Areas
Kc_Sugar_CaneCrop Coefficients (Kc) of Sugar Cane
Kc_Tropical_Fruits_and_TreesCrop Coefficients (Kc) of Tropical Fruits and Trees
Kc_Vegetables_Cucumber_FamilyCrop Coefficients (Kc) of Cucumber Family Vegetables
Kc_Vegetables_Solanum_FamilyCrop Coefficients (Kc) of Solanum Family Vegetables
Kc_Wetlands_Temperate_ClimateCrop Coefficients (Kc) of Wetlands Temperate Climate
MeanRHMean Relative Humidity (RH_mean)
MeanTempMean Daily Air Temperature (T_mean)
MSVPMean Saturation Vapour Pressure (e_s)
NLRadNet Longwave Radiation (R_nl)
NRadNet Radiation (R_n)
NSRadNet Shortwave Radiation (R_ns)
PanCoefPan Coefficient (K_p)
PsyConPsychrometric Constant (gamma)
RelHumRelative Humidity (RH)
SatVPSaturation Vapour Pressure at a specific Air Temperature...
SlpSVPCSlope of Saturation Vapour Pressure Curve (Delta)
SolDecSolar Declination (delta)
SolRadSolar Radiation (R_s)
SunHASunset Hour Angel (omega_s)
WndSp2mWind Speed at the height 2 m Above Ground Surface
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