Man pages for FAiR
Factor Analysis in R

00FAiR-packageFactor Analysis in R
01make_manifestMake an object that inherits from class "manifest"
02make_restrictionsMake an object of class "restrictions"
03FactanalEstimate Factor Analysis Models
04RotateChoose a Transformation in Exploratory Factor Analysis
create_FAobjectClass "FA" and Its Constructors
equality_restriction-classClass "equality\_restriction"
FAiR-internalQuasi-internal S4 Methods
GPA2FACovert Result of Gradient Projection Algorithm
loadingsExtractor ("get") functions
manifest-classClass "manifest"
mapping_ruleDefault Mapping Rule
model_comparisonCompare Factor Analysis Models
parameter-classClass "parameter"
read.cefaRead and Write Files Produced by or for CEFA
read.triangularInput a Covariance or Correlation Matrix
restrictions2drawsDraw from sampling distribution of estimates
restrictions2MathomaticFormat Equations for Mathomatic
restrictions2modelMap free parameters to matrices
restrictions2RAMConvert to reticular action model
restrictions-classClass "restrictions"
S3methodsS3 methods for "FA" objects
S4methodsS4 Generics & Methods for Package 'FAiR'
summary.FA-classClass "summary.FA"
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