FCGR-package: Fatigue Crack Growth in Reliability

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Fatigue Crack Growth in Reliability estimates the distribution of material lifetime due to mechanical fatigue efforts. The FCGR package provides simultaneous crack growth curves fitting to different specimens in materials under mechanical stress efforts. Linear mixed-effects models (LME) with smoothing B-Splines and the linearized Paris-Erdogan law are applied. Once defined the fail for a determined crack length, the distribution function of failure times to fatigue is obtained. The density function is estimated by applying nonparametric binned kernel density estimate (bkde) and the kernel estimator of the distribution function (kde). The results of Pinheiro and Bates method based on nonlinear mixed-effects regression (nlme) can be also retrieved. The package contains the crack.growth, PLOT.cg, IB.F, and Alea.A (database) functions.


Package: FCGR
Type: Package
Version: 1.0
Date: 2015-09-29
License: GPL >= 2

The main functions and data frame are cracks.growth, IB.F, PLOT.cg, Alea.A


Antonio Meneses [email protected], Salvador Naya [email protected], Javier Tarrio-Saavedra [email protected], Ignacio Lopez-Ullibarri [email protected]

Maintainer: Antonio Meneses [email protected]


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Pinheiro JC., Bates DM. (2000) Mixed-effects models in S ans S-plus. Statistics and Computing. Springer-Verlang. New York.

Paris, P.C. and Erdogan, F. (1963) A critical analysis of crack propagation laws. J. Basic Eng., 85, 528.

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