summary.FCVAR_ranks: Summarize Results of Tests for Cointegrating Rank

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Summarize Results of Tests for Cointegrating Rank


summary.FCVAR_ranks prints the table of statistics from the output of FCVARrankTests. FCVARrankTests performs a sequence of likelihood ratio tests for cointegrating rank.


## S3 method for class 'FCVAR_ranks'
summary(object, ...)



An S3 object of type FCVAR_ranks containing the results from repeated estimation of the FCVAR model with different cointegrating ranks. It is the output of FCVARrankTests.


additional arguments affecting the summary produced.

See Also

FCVARoptions to set default estimation options. FCVARestn is called repeatedly within this function for each candidate cointegrating rank. summary.FCVAR_ranks prints a summary of the output of FCVARrankTests to screen.

Other FCVAR specification functions: FCVARbootRank(), FCVARlagSelect(), FCVARrankTests(), summary.FCVAR_lags()


opt <- FCVARoptions()
opt$gridSearch   <- 0 # Disable grid search in optimization.
opt$dbMin        <- c(0.01, 0.01) # Set lower bound for d,b.
opt$dbMax        <- c(2.00, 2.00) # Set upper bound for d,b.
opt$constrained  <- 0 # Impose restriction dbMax >= d >= b >= dbMin ? 1 <- yes, 0 <- no.
x <- votingJNP2014[, c("lib", "ir_can", "un_can")]
rankTestStats <- FCVARrankTests(x, k = 2, opt)
summary(object = rankTestStats)

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