FDGcopulas: Multivariate Dependence with FDG Copulas

FDG copulas are a class of copulas featuring an interesting balance between flexibility and tractability. This package provides tools to construct, calculate the pairwise dependence coefficients of, simulate from, and fit FDG copulas. The acronym FDG stands for 'one-Factor with Durante Generators', as an FDG copula is a one-factor copula -- that is, the variables are independent given a latent factor -- whose linking copulas belong to the Durante class of bivariate copulas (also referred to as exchangeable Marshall-Olkin or semilinear copulas).

AuthorGildas Mazo, Stephane Girard
Date of publication2014-10-22 09:33:34
MaintainerGildas Mazo <gildas.mazo@free.fr>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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