Man pages for FFTrees
Generate, Visualise, and Evaluate Fast-and-Frugal Decision Trees

Add_StatsAdds decision statistics to a dataframe containing hr, cr, mi...
bloodBlood donation dataset
breastcancerDataset: Physiological dataset for 699 patients tested for...
carCar acceptability data
classtableCalculates several classification statistics from binary...
comp.predWrapper for classfication algorithms
contraceptiveContraceptive use data
creditapprovalCredit approval data
factcleanDoes miscellaneous cleaning of prediction datasets
fertilityFertility data set
FFTreesCreates a fast-and-frugal trees (FFTrees) object.
fftrees_applyApplies a fast-and-frugal tree to a dataset and generates...
fftrees_createCreate an FFTrees object
fftrees_cuerankCalculates thresholds that maximize a statistic (goal) for...
fftrees_defineCreate definitions of FFTrees
fftrees_ffttowordsDescribes an FFT in words
fftrees_fitcompFit competitive algorithms
fftrees_grow_fanGrows fast-and-frugal trees using the fan algorithm
FFTrees.guideOpens the FFTrees package guide
fftrees_ranktreesRank trees by goal
fftrees_threshold_factor_gridPerforms a grid search over factor and returns accuracy...
fftrees_threshold_numeric_gridPerforms a grid search over thresholds and returns accuracy...
fftrees_wordstofftreesConverts text describing an FFT into an FFT definition.
heart.costCue costs for the heartdisease dataa
heartdiseaseHeart disease dataset
heart.testHeartdisease testing dataset
heart.trainHeartdisease training dataset.
inwordsDisplay a verbal description of a tree in an FFTrees object
iris.vIris data set
mushroomsMushrooms dataset
plot.FFTreesPlots an FFTrees object.
predict.FFTreesPredict classifications from newdata using an FFTrees object
print.FFTreesPrints summary information from an FFTrees object
showcuesVisualizes cue accuracies from an FFTrees object in a ROC...
sonarSonar data set
summary.FFTreesReturns summary information about an FFTrees x
titanicTitanic dataset
votingVoting data set
wineWine tasting dataset
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