Man pages for FITSio
FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) Utilities

axVecGenerate axis vector for image
closeHdrFormat and close FITS header
FITSio-packageFITS file input-output functions
makeFITSimHdrGenerate header for FITS image
modifyHeaderModify and edit comments and 'keyword-value' pairs in FITS...
parseHdrParse FITS header
readFITSRead a single data set from a FITS file
readFITSarrayRead an image (multi-dimensional array) from a FITS file
readFITSbintableRead a FITS binary table
readFITSheaderRead a FITS header
readFITStableRead a FITS ASCII table
readFrameFromFITSRead a single data set from a FITS file into a data frame
writeFITSimWrite a FITS image (multi-dimensional numeric array) to disk
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