Man pages for FPDclustering
PD-Clustering and Factor PD-Clustering

aisAustralian institute of sport data
asymmetric20Asymmetric data set shape=20
asymmetric3Asymmetric data set shape=3
FPDCFactor probabilistic distance clustering
GPDCGaussian PD-Clustering
outliersData set with outliers
PDCProbabilistic Distance Clustering
PDQProbabilistic Clustering Adjusted for Cluster Size
plot.FPDclusteringPlots for FPDclusteringt Objects
SilhProbabilistic silhouette plot
summary.FPDclusteringSummary for FPDclusteringt Objects
TPDCStudent-t PD-Clustering
TuckerFactorsChoice of the number of Tucker 3 factors for FPDC
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