Man pages for FPDclustering
PD-Clustering and Factor PD-Clustering

aisAustralian institute of sport data
asymmetric20Asymmetric data set shape 20
asymmetric3Asymmetric data set shape 3
FPDCFactor probabilistic distance clustering
GPDCGaussian PD-Clustering
outliersData set with outliers
PDCProbabilistic Distance Clustering
PDQProbabilistic Distance Clustering Adjusted for Cluster Size
plot.FPDclusteringPlots for FPDclusteringt Objects
SilhProbabilistic silhouette plot
StarStar dataset to predict star types
summary.FPDclusteringSummary for FPDclusteringt Objects
TPDCStudent-t PD-Clustering
TuckerFactorsChoice of the number of Tucker 3 factors for FPDC
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