Man pages for FSK2R
An Interface Between the 'FSKX' Standard and 'R'

check_manifest_filesChecks that the files defined in the manifest exist
convert_metadata_to_listsFix the metadat so that it is lists
create_fskCreates an FSK model from an existing R script
dataframe_to_listConverts a dataframe to a list
export_fskExports an object of FSK class as an .fskx file
export_manifestFunctions for exporting the manifest of an FSK2R object
export_metadataFunction for exporting the metadata of an FSK2R object
export_modelmetadataFunctions for exporting the model metadata of an FSK2R object
export_otherfilesExport other files
export_packagesFunctions for exporting the packages of an FSK2R object
export_readmeFunctions for exporting the README of an FSK2R object
export_R_modelFunctions for exporting the R model of an FSK2R object
export_sbmlModelExport the model.sbml
export_simulationExport the sim.sedml
export_visualizationFunctions for exporting the visualization script of an FSK2R...
find_packagesFinds where packages are stored
FSK_runnerStartup FSK runner
get_backgroundReturns the background of an FSK object
get_general_infoReturns the general info of an FSK object
get_modelmathReturns the model math of an FSK object
get_readmeReadme of an FSK object
get_scopeReturns the scope of an FSK object
get_session_infoExtract session information
get_simulationsReturns a summary of the simulations of an FSK object (NULL)
import_fskImport an FSK model into R
import_fsk_joinImport of FSK with join node
is.FSK2RIs it an instance of FSK2R?
is_fsk_with_rDoes the object have an R model?
map_FSK_metadataMap for the contents of the metadata
map_metadata_xml_templateMap between the names used in the template and the xml
metadata_list_to_fskFrom read_fsk_metadata_XX to FSK2R format
n_simuls_fskNumber of simulations in the FSK2R object
read_fsk_json_metadataRead the metadata.json file
read_fsk_manifestRead the manifest of an FSK file and convert it to a...
read_fsk_metadata_excelFSK metadata from local Excel file
read_fsk_modelRead the model.sbml
read_fsk_packagesRead the packages.json
read_fsk_rdf_metadataRead the metadata.rdf
read_fsk_readmeRead the README file
read_fsk_simRead the sim.sedml file
read_other_filesRead "other files"
read_R_modelReads the R model in an FSK model
read_visualizationReads the visualization script in an FSK model
run_all_simulationsRun every simulation in an FSK object
run_simulationRun one simulation in an FSK object
set_new_simulationDefine a new simulation in an FSK2R object
set_readmeReadme of an FSK object
update_manifestUpdates the manifest file
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