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Combination of Factorial Methods and Cluster Analysis

addgrids3dAdd grids to a scatterplot3d
admiAdmitted students to the seven careers of the Science Faculty
BogotaLocalities by Stratums in Bogota City
cafeCofee cups
centroidsCentroids of the Classes of a Partition
cluster.caracCluster Characterization by Variables
clusterchisqChisquare tests of a qualitative variable by several...
ColorAdjectiveAssociations between colors and adjectives.
DogBreedsDog Breeds
dudi.texLaTeX Tables of Coordinates and Aids to Interpretation of...
Fac.NumDivision of qualitative and quantitative variables
FactoClassCombination of Factorial Methods and Cluster Analysis
FactoClass.texTable of Coordinates, Aids of Interpretation of the Principal...
icfes08Departmenst by Levels of Schools in Colombia
kmeansWK-means with Weights of the Elements to data.frame
plotctRow and Column Profiles of a Contingency Table
plot.dudiFactorial Planes from Objects of Class dudi
plotFactoClassFactorial Planes Showing the Classes
plotfpFactorial Planes from Coordinates
plotpairsModified pairs plot
stableclusStable clusters for cluster analysis
supqualProjection of Qualitative Variables in PCA and MCA
VietnamStudent opinions about the Vietnam War
ward.clusterHierarchic Classification by Ward's Method
WhiskyWhisky example
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