Man pages for FactoInvestigate
Automatic Description of Factorial Analysis

classifClassification description
createRmdCreate Rmarkdown file
descriptionFactorial dimensions description
dimActiveNumber of active dimensions
dimRestrictSignificant dimensions identification
eigenRefReference eigen value
factoGraphFactorial graphs
FactoInvestigate-packageAutomatic Description of Factorial Analysis
getParamFactorial parameters
graphCACorrespondance Analysis factor map
graphHabColored factor graph
graphIndIndividuals factor map
graphSupSupplementary variables factor map
graphVarVariables factor map
inertiaDistribInertia distribution analysis
InvestigateResume factorial Analysis
outliersOutliers detection
readRmdRead Rmarkdown file
scriptRmdFile script
selectionGraphical elements selection
whichFactoAnalysis class
writeRmdWrite Rmarkdown file
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