#' @docType package
#' @name FarmTest-package
#' @title FarmTest: Factor-Adjusted Robust Multiple Testing
#' @description FarmTest package performs robust multiple testing for means in the presence of known and unknown latent factors (Fan et al, 2019).
#' It implements a series of adaptive Huber methods combined with fast data-drive tuning schemes (Wang et al, 2020; Ke et al, 2019) to estimate model parameters and construct test statistics that are robust against heavy-tailed and/or assymetric error distributions. 
#' Extensions to two-sample simultaneous mean comparison problems are also included. 
#' As by-products, this package also contains functions that compute adaptive Huber mean, covariance and regression estimators that are of independent interest.
#' @details See its GitHub page \url{https://github.com/XiaoouPan/FarmTest} for details.
#' @references Ahn, S. C. and Horenstein, A. R. (2013). Eigenvalue ratio rest for the number of factors. Econometrica, 81(3) 1203–1227.
#' @references Benjamini, Y. and Hochberg, Y. (1995). Controlling the false discovery rate: A practical and powerful approach to multiple testing. J. R. Stat. Soc. Ser. B. Stat. Methodol., 57 289–300.
#' @references Bose, K., Fan, J., Ke, Y., Pan, X. and Zhou, W.-X. (2019). FarmTest: An R package for factor-adjusted robust multiple testing, Preprint.
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