parse.multipart: Parsing of POST request multi-part body.

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parse.multipart parses the result of a POST request that is in a multi-part encoding. This is typically the case when a form is submitted with "enctype='multipart/form-data'" property and "file" input types.


parse.multipart(request = .GlobalEnv$request)



Request interface object as defined by the FastRWeb interface. parse.multipart will use c.type, c.length and body elements of the object.


On success a named list of values in the form. Scalar values are passed literally as strings, files (multi-part chunks) are passed as lists with named elements content_type, tempfile (file containing the content), filename (name of the file as specified in the encoding,if present) and head (character vector of content headers).

On failure NULL with a warning.


The typical use is along the lines of:

if (grepl("^multipart", request$s.type)) pars <- parse.multipart()

The function uses warnings to communicate parsing issues. While debugging, it may be usedful to convert then to errors via options(warn=2) so they will be visigle on the client side.


The original parser code was written by Jeffrey Horner for the Rook package.

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