Man pages for FeedbackTS
Analysis of Feedback in Time Series

after.minus.beforeComputation of after-before differences around key days
feedback.statsComputation of feedback and change-in-feedback statistics
feedback.testTest of feedback and change-in-feedback for a single time...
FeedbackTS-packageAnalysis of Feedback in Time Series
kddBuild a KDD object from values of slots
KDD-classClass '"KDD"'
kdd.from.raw.dataBuild a KDD object from raw data
kdd.yearly.averageBuild a KDD.yearly.average object from a KDD object
KDD.yearly.average-classClass '"KDD.yearly.average"'
krigeKriging function
krige.testTest of spatial variation in feedback and change-in-feedback
KT.output-classClass '"KT.output"'
map.statisticMapping of a spatial index of rain feedback in Australia data at Callagiddy station
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