Man pages for FinAna
Financial Analysis and Regression Diagnostic Analysis

annu.fvCalculate future value of annuity
annu.pvCalculate present value of annuity
annu.pv.dfCalculate present value of annuity
betafCalculating beta for a company or a select of companies
bond.priceCalculate the plain vanilla bond price
cormCorrelation matrix and correlation ranking of a data.frame
descDescriptice statistics of a data.frame
getmodeCalculating mode for numeric data
get.price.googleDownload financial data from google finance
get.price.yahooDownload financial data from Yahoo finance
kurCalculating kurtosis for numeric data
plothPlot histograms for a data.frame
plothsPlot histograms and scatter plots for a data.frame
plotsmPlot scatter smooth plots for a data.frame
plottsPlot time series plots for a data.frame
rrCalculating rate of return of a vector
skCalculating skewness for numeric data
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