Man pages for FinancialMath
Financial Mathematics for Actuaries

amort.periodAmortization Period
amort.tableAmortization Table
annuity.arithArithmetic Annuity
annuity.geoGeometric Annuity
annuity.levelLevel Annuity
bear.callBear Call Spread Call Spread - Black Scholes
bls.order1Black Scholes First-order Greeks
bondBond Analysis
bull.callBull Call Spread Call Spread - Black Scholes
butterfly.spreadButterfly Spread
butterfly.spread.blsButterfly Spread - Black Scholes
cf.analysisCash Flow Analysis
collarCollar Strategy
collar.blsCollar Strategy - Black Scholes
covered.callCovered Call
covered.putCovered Put
forwardForward Contract
forward.prepaidPrepaid Forward Contract
IRRInternal Rate of Return
NPVNet Present Value
option.callCall Option
option.putPut Option
perpetuity.arithArithmetic Perpetuity
perpetuity.geoGeometric Perpetuity
perpetuity.levelLevel Perpetuity
protective.putProtective Put
rate.convInterest, Discount, and Force of Interest Converter
straddleStraddle Spread
straddle.blsStraddle Spread - Black Scholes
strangleStrangle Spread
strangle.blsStrangle Spread - Black Scholes
swap.commodityCommodity Swap
swap.rateInterest Rate Swap
TVMTime Value of Money
yield.dollarDollar Weighted Yield
yield.timeTime Weighted Yield
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