Man pages for FinePop
Fine-Scale Population Analysis

clip.genepopRemove designated markers from a GENEPOP file.
DJJost's D
EBDJEmpirical Bayes estimator of Jost's D
EBFSTEmpirical Bayes estimator of Fst.
EBGstHEmpirical Bayes estimator of Hedrick's G'st
FinePop-packageFine-Scale Population Analysis
FstBootBootstrap sampler of Fst
FstEnvRegression analysis of environmental factors on genetic...
GstHHedrick's G'st
GstNNei's Gst.
GstNCNei and Chesser's Gst
herringAn example dataset of Atlantic herring.
jsmackerelAn example dataset of Japanese Spanich mackerel in GENEPOP...
read.frequencyCreate an allele (haplotype) frequency data object of...
read.genepopCreate a genotype data object of populations from a GENEPOP...
thetaWC.pairWeir and Cockerham's theta adapted for pairwise Fst.
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