Man pages for FitARMA
Fit ARMA or ARIMA Using Fast MLE Algorithm

coef.FitARMAcoef method for class FitARMA
FitARMAFit ARMA/ARIMA using fast MLE algorithm
FitARMA-packageFitARMA: Fit ARMA or ARIMA using fast MLE algorithm
fitted.FitARMAfitted method for class FitARMA
GetFitARMAFit ARMA(p,q) model to mean zero time series.
ImpulseCoefficientsARMAImpulse coefficients of ARMA
InformationMatrixARMAExpected large-sample information matrix for ARMA
print.FitARMAprint method for class FitARMA
residuals.FitARMAresiduals method for class FitARMA
SimulateGaussianARMASimulate Gaussian ARMA model
summary.FitARMAprint method for class FitARMA
TacvfARMATheoretical Autocovariance Function of ARMA
tccfARTheoretical cross-covariances of auxilary AR process in...
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