Man pages for FunnelPlotR
Funnel Plots for Comparing Institutional Performance

aggregate_funcAggregation function for record-level data, prior to plot.
build_limits_lookupFunction to build funnel limits
calculate_limitsOverdispersion-adjusted funnel limit calculation
draw_plotFunnel Plots drawing function
funnel_cleanA clean funnel plot theme
funnel_greyA grey ggplot funnel theme
funnel_plotFunnel plots for comparing institutional performance
limitsFunnel plot limits
outliersFunnel plot outliers
phidispersion ratio, phi, for Funnel plots
phi_funcCalculate overdispersion ratio
source_datasource data used to create Funnel plots
tau2between groups variance, tau^2, for Funnel plots
tau_funcCalculate the between group standard error (tau2) using a...
transformed_zscoreTransformation function for z-scoring
truncationTruncation function for NHSD method
winsorisationWinsorisation function
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