FuzzyR: Fuzzy Logic Toolkit for R

Design and simulate fuzzy logic systems using Type 1 Fuzzy Logic. This toolkit includes with graphical user interface (GUI) and an adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS). This toolkit is a continuation from the previous package ('FuzzyToolkitUoN'). Produced by the Intelligent Modelling & Analysis Group, University of Nottingham.

AuthorJon Garibaldi, Chao Chen, Tajul Razak
Date of publication2016-09-28 08:34:05
MaintainerJon Garibaldi <fuzzyr@cs.nott.ac.uk>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

addmf: Insert a membership function.

addrule: Inserts a rule

addvar: Insert a variable

anfis.addnode: ANFIS node adder

anfis.builder: ANFIS model builder

anfis.dE.dO1: anfis.dE.dO1

anfis.dE.dO2: anfis.dE.dO2

anfis.dE.dO3: anfis.dE.dO3

anfis.dE.dO4: anfis.dE.dO4

anfis.dE.dO5: anfis.dE.dO5

anfis.dE.dP1: anfis.dE.dP1

anfis.dE.dP1.gbellmf: anfis.dE.dP1.gbellmf

anfis.dE.dP1.it2gbellmf: anfis.dE.dP1.it2gbellmf

anfis.dE.dP4: anfis.dE.dP4

anfis.dMF.dP.gbellmf: anfis.dMF.dP.gbellmf

anfis.dO2.dO1: anfis.dO2.dO1

anfis.dO3.dO2: anfis.dO3.dO2

anfis.dO4.dO3: anfis.dO4.dO3

anfis.dO5.dO4: anfis.dO5.dO4

anfis.eval: ANFIS evaluator

anfis.L1.eval: The evaluator for nodes in Layer 1

anfis.L2.eval: The evaluator for nodes in Layer 2

anfis.L2.which: L2.which

anfis.L3.eval: The evaluator for nodes in Layer 3

anfis.L4.eval: The evaluator for nodes in Layer 4

anfis.L4.mf.eval: The evaluator for membership functions of nodes in Layer 1

anfis.L5.eval: The evaluator for nodes in Layer 5

anfis.LI.eval: The evaluator for nodes in Layer I

anfis.optimise: ANFIS optimiser

anfis.optimise.gradient: The gradient algorithm for ANFIS optimisation

anfis.optimise.lse: The LSE algorithm for ANFIS optimisation

anfis.plotmf: Plot membership functions for an ANFIS object

anfis.tipper: Produces an example fis object which can be used for ANFIS.

defuzz: Defuzzify a set of values.

evalfis: Evaluate a Fuzzy Inference System (fis)

evalmf: Evaluate fuzzy membership function

evalmftype: Evaluate fuzzy membership function with membership function...

fis.builder: TSK FIS builder

fuzzy.firing: Fuzzy rule firing

fuzzy.optimise: Fuzzy optimisation

fuzzy.t: Fuzzy t-norm/t-conorm operation

fuzzy.tconorm: Fuzzy t-conorm

fuzzy.tnorm: Fuzzy tnorm

gbell.fuzzification: Gaussian bell fuzzification

gbellmf: Gaussian bell membership function

genmf: Fuzzy membership function generator

gensurf: Produce a graphical evaluated fuzzy inference system.

linearmf: Linear membership function

newfis: Create a fis using newfis function

plotmf: Plots a 2D graph of all membership functions in a variable.

readfis: Read a fis object from a .fis file.

showfis: Show a fis object.

showGUI: Show a Graphic User Interface of fis object

showrule: Showing rule from fis object

singleton.fuzzification: Singleton Fuzzification

singletonmf: Singleton membership function

tipper: Produces an example fis object for Waiter-Tipping.

tipperGUI: Graphic User Interface for Waiter-Tipping

tipperGUI2: Graphic User Interface for Waiter-Tipping (another style)

x.fuzzification: Fuzzification

Files in this package

FuzzyR/R/Utilities.R FuzzyR/R/FuzzyInferenceSystem.R FuzzyR/R/FuzzyOperation.R FuzzyR/R/ANFIS.R FuzzyR/R/FuzzyMF.R
FuzzyR/man/anfis.dE.dP4.Rd FuzzyR/man/anfis.LI.eval.Rd FuzzyR/man/addvar.Rd FuzzyR/man/anfis.L2.eval.Rd FuzzyR/man/anfis.L1.eval.Rd FuzzyR/man/readfis.Rd FuzzyR/man/anfis.L4.eval.Rd FuzzyR/man/x.fuzzification.Rd FuzzyR/man/evalfis.Rd FuzzyR/man/anfis.L3.eval.Rd FuzzyR/man/showrule.Rd FuzzyR/man/tipperGUI2.Rd FuzzyR/man/anfis.plotmf.Rd FuzzyR/man/anfis.dE.dO2.Rd FuzzyR/man/anfis.builder.Rd FuzzyR/man/fuzzy.t.Rd FuzzyR/man/anfis.eval.Rd FuzzyR/man/fuzzy.firing.Rd FuzzyR/man/anfis.dE.dO5.Rd FuzzyR/man/anfis.optimise.gradient.Rd FuzzyR/man/addrule.Rd FuzzyR/man/gensurf.Rd FuzzyR/man/anfis.dE.dP1.Rd FuzzyR/man/evalmf.Rd FuzzyR/man/anfis.dE.dP1.it2gbellmf.Rd FuzzyR/man/genmf.Rd FuzzyR/man/anfis.dO2.dO1.Rd FuzzyR/man/anfis.tipper.Rd FuzzyR/man/newfis.Rd FuzzyR/man/singletonmf.Rd FuzzyR/man/fuzzy.optimise.Rd FuzzyR/man/fis.builder.Rd FuzzyR/man/fuzzy.tconorm.Rd FuzzyR/man/addmf.Rd FuzzyR/man/anfis.dO5.dO4.Rd FuzzyR/man/anfis.addnode.Rd FuzzyR/man/plotmf.Rd FuzzyR/man/anfis.L2.which.Rd FuzzyR/man/anfis.dE.dO1.Rd FuzzyR/man/gbellmf.Rd FuzzyR/man/gbell.fuzzification.Rd FuzzyR/man/anfis.dE.dP1.gbellmf.Rd FuzzyR/man/anfis.L5.eval.Rd FuzzyR/man/defuzz.Rd FuzzyR/man/fuzzy.tnorm.Rd FuzzyR/man/linearmf.Rd FuzzyR/man/anfis.dO3.dO2.Rd FuzzyR/man/anfis.optimise.lse.Rd FuzzyR/man/showGUI.Rd FuzzyR/man/tipper.Rd FuzzyR/man/evalmftype.Rd FuzzyR/man/anfis.dMF.dP.gbellmf.Rd FuzzyR/man/anfis.optimise.Rd FuzzyR/man/showfis.Rd FuzzyR/man/tipperGUI.Rd FuzzyR/man/anfis.dO4.dO3.Rd FuzzyR/man/singleton.fuzzification.Rd FuzzyR/man/anfis.dE.dO3.Rd FuzzyR/man/anfis.dE.dO4.Rd FuzzyR/man/anfis.L4.mf.eval.Rd

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