FuzzyR: Fuzzy Logic Toolkit for R

Design and simulate fuzzy logic systems using Type 1 Fuzzy Logic. This toolkit includes with graphical user interface (GUI) and an adaptive neuro- fuzzy inference system (ANFIS). This toolkit is a continuation from the previous package ('FuzzyToolkitUoN'). Produced by the Intelligent Modelling & Analysis Group, University of Nottingham.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorJon Garibaldi, Chao Chen, Tajul Razak
Date of publication2017-03-24 19:17:34 UTC
MaintainerJon Garibaldi <fuzzyr@cs.nott.ac.uk>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

addmf: Insert a membership function.

addrule: Inserts a rule

addvar: Insert a variable

anfis.builder: ANFIS model builder

anfis.dE.dO1: anfis.dE.dO1

anfis.dE.dO2: anfis.dE.dO2

anfis.dE.dO3: anfis.dE.dO3

anfis.dE.dO4: anfis.dE.dO4

anfis.dE.dO5: anfis.dE.dO5

anfis.dE.dP1: anfis.dE.dP1

anfis.dE.dP1.gbellmf: anfis.dE.dP1.gbellmf

anfis.dE.dP1.it2gbellmf: anfis.dE.dP1.it2gbellmf

anfis.dE.dP4: anfis.dE.dP4

anfis.dMF.dP.gbellmf: anfis.dMF.dP.gbellmf

anfis.dO2.dO1: anfis.dO2.dO1

anfis.dO3.dO2: anfis.dO3.dO2

anfis.dO4.dO3: anfis.dO4.dO3

anfis.dO5.dO4: anfis.dO5.dO4

anfis.eval: ANFIS evaluator

anfis.L1.eval: The evaluator for nodes in Layer 1

anfis.L2.eval: The evaluator for nodes in Layer 2

anfis.L2.which: L2.which

anfis.L3.eval: The evaluator for nodes in Layer 3

anfis.L4.eval: The evaluator for nodes in Layer 4

anfis.L4.mf.eval: The evaluator for membership functions of nodes in Layer 1

anfis.L5.eval: The evaluator for nodes in Layer 5

anfis.LI.eval: The evaluator for nodes in Layer I

anfis.optimise: ANFIS optimiser

anfis.plotmf: Plot membership functions for an ANFIS object

anfis.tipper: Produces an example fis object which can be used for ANFIS.

defuzz: Defuzzify a set of values.

evalfis: Evaluate a Fuzzy Inference System (fis)

evalmf: Evaluate fuzzy membership function

evalmftype: Evaluate fuzzy membership function with membership function...

fis.builder: TSK FIS builder

fuzzy.firing: Fuzzy rule firing

fuzzy.optimise: Fuzzy optimisation

fuzzyr.accuracy: Fuzzy Accuracy

fuzzyr.match.fun: fuzzyr.match.fun

fuzzy.t: Fuzzy t-norm/t-conorm operation

fuzzy.tconorm: Fuzzy t-conorm

fuzzy.tnorm: Fuzzy tnorm

gbell.fuzzification: Gaussian bell fuzzification

gbellmf: Gaussian bell membership function

genmf: Fuzzy membership function generator

gensurf: Produce a graphical evaluated fuzzy inference system.

km.da: km.da

linearmf: Linear membership function

newfis: Create a fis using newfis function

plotmf: Plots a 2D graph of all membership functions in a variable.

readfis: Read a fis object from a .fis file.

showfis: Show a fis object.

showGUI: Show a Graphic User Interface of fis object

showrule: Showing rule from fis object

singleton.fuzzification: Singleton Fuzzification

singletonmf: Singleton membership function

tipper: Produces an example fis object for Waiter-Tipping.

tipperGUI: Graphic User Interface for Waiter-Tipping

tipperGUI2: Graphic User Interface for Waiter-Tipping (another style)

x.fuzzification: Fuzzification


addmf Man page
addrule Man page
addvar Man page
anfis.builder Man page
anfis.dE.dO1 Man page
anfis.dE.dO2 Man page
anfis.dE.dO3 Man page
anfis.dE.dO4 Man page
anfis.dE.dO5 Man page
anfis.dE.dP1 Man page
anfis.dE.dP1.gbellmf Man page
anfis.dE.dP1.it2gbellmf Man page
anfis.dE.dP4 Man page
anfis.dMF.dP.gbellmf Man page
anfis.dO2.dO1 Man page
anfis.dO3.dO2 Man page
anfis.dO4.dO3 Man page
anfis.dO5.dO4 Man page
anfis.eval Man page
anfis.L1.eval Man page
anfis.L2.eval Man page
anfis.L2.which Man page
anfis.L3.eval Man page
anfis.L4.eval Man page
anfis.L4.mf.eval Man page
anfis.L5.eval Man page
anfis.LI.eval Man page
anfis.optimise Man page
anfis.plotmf Man page
anfis.tipper Man page
defuzz Man page
evalfis Man page
evalmf Man page
evalmftype Man page
fis.builder Man page
fuzzy.firing Man page
fuzzy.optimise Man page
fuzzyr.accuracy Man page
fuzzyr.match.fun Man page
fuzzy.t Man page
fuzzy.tconorm Man page
fuzzy.tnorm Man page
gbell.fuzzification Man page
gbellmf Man page
genmf Man page
gensurf Man page
km.da Man page
linearmf Man page
newfis Man page
plotmf Man page
readfis Man page
showfis Man page
showGUI Man page
showrule Man page
singleton.fuzzification Man page
singletonmf Man page
tipper Man page
tipperGUI Man page
tipperGUI2 Man page
x.fuzzification Man page

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