Man pages for FuzzyToolkitUoN
Type 1 Fuzzy Logic Toolkit

addMFInsert a membership function.
addRuleInserts a rule
addVarInsert a variable
defuzzDefuzzify a set of values.
evalFISEvaluate a Fuzzy Inference System.
evalMFEvaluation of a membership function.
FuzzyToolkitUoN-packageType 1 Fuzzy Logic Toolkit
gaussbMFCreate a gaussian bell membership function.
gaussMFCreates a gaussian membership function.
gensurfProduce a graphical evaluated fuzzy inference system.
meshgridUnion of two vectors.
mfValidateValidate the input of a membership function. mfValidate
nameValidateValidate the name of an object.
newFISCreate a FIS newFIS
plotMFPlots a 2D graph of all membership functions in a variable.
readFISRead a FIS object from a .fis file. readFIS
removeMFRemove a membership function.
removeVarRemove a variable.
showFISShow a FIS object.
tippertestProduces an example FIS object.
trapMFCreate a trapezoidal membership function.
triMFCreate a triangular membership function.
writeFISWrite a FIS object to file.
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