Man pages for GADMTools
Easy Use of 'GADM' Maps

choroplethDraw a choropleth on selected regions
classDotsPlot dots on a map with values between different fixed...
CorsicaMap of Corse (FRA) @ level 4 (Cantons)
dotsPlot dots on a map
fast.choroplethDraw a choropleth on selected regions with lattice.
GADM36SFdata.frame of maps provided by gadm_org)
gadm_cropcrop a region to a specific rectangle
gadm_dotDensityMultivariate Dot-Density maps
gadm.getBackgroundGets tiles with 'rosm' from OpenStreetMap
gadm_getBboxget the bounding box of the map
gadm.loadStrippedLoad one GADM stripped shapefile
gadm.longTo360Converts longitudes from -180° - 0° - 180° to 0° - 360°
gadm_plotDraw a gadm_sf or gadm_sp object
gadm_removeRemove one or more regions from a map
gadm_removeBackgroundRemoves the background of a map
gadm.saveStrippedSave a stripped GADM object
gadm_sf_import_shpread and import a file in shapefile format
gadm_sf_loadCountriesLoad one or more GADM shapefiles
gadm_showNorthdisplay a north arrow on a plot
gadm_showScaledisplay a scale on a plot
gadm_sp_loadCountriesLoad one or more GADM shapefiles (SpatialPolygonsDataFrame)
gadm_subsetExtract regions
GADMTools-packageEasy use of GADM shapefiles
gadm_unionMerges regions
grid.mapArrange maps on a grid
isoplethDraw an isopleth on selected regions
json.choroplethCreate a geojson choropleth of selected regions.
listNamesList the region names for a specific administrative level
propDotsPlot proportionnal circles (dots) on a map
saveasSave your own GADM shapefile as an rds file
saveAsStrippedStrip a gadm_sp object
strippedExistsTest if a stripped gadm_sp object exists
stripSPStrip a gadm_sp object
vignetteCreate a vignette
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