Man pages for GAMBoost
Generalized linear and additive models by likelihood based boosting

cv.GAMBoostCross-validation for GAMBoost fits
cv.GLMBoostCross-validation for GLMBoost fits
estimPValEstimate p-values for a model fitted by GAMBoost or GLMBoost
GAMBoostGeneralized additive model by likelihood based boosting
getGAMBoostSelectedIdentify selected/significant covariates from a GAMBoost...
GLMBoostGeneralized linear model by likelihood based boosting
optimGAMBoostPenaltyCoarse line search for adequate GAMBoost penalty parameter
optimGLMBoostPenaltyCoarse line search for adequate GLMBoost penalty parameter
optimStepSizeFactorCoarse line search for optimum step-size modification factor
plot.GAMBoostPlots of the smooth functions from a GAMBoost fit
predict.GAMBoostPredict method for GAMBoost fits
predict.GLMBoostPredict method for GLMBoost fits
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