Man pages for GAparsimony
Searching Parsimony Models with Genetic Algorithms

ga_parsimony-classClass "ga_parsimony"
GAparsimony-internalInternal GA functions
matrixNULL-classVirtual Class "matrixNULL" - Simple Class for matrix or NULL
numericOrNA-classVirtual Class "numericOrNA" - Simple Class for subassignment...
parsimony_CrossoverCrossover operators in GA-PARSIMONY
parsimony_importancePercentage of appearance of each feature in elitist...
parsimony_monitorFunctions for monitoring GA-PARSIMONY algorithm evolution
parsimony_MutationMutation operators in GA-PARSIMONY
parsimony_PopulationPopulation initialization in GA-PARSIMONY with a combined...
parsimony_rerankFunction for reranking by complexity in parsimonious model...
parsimony_SelectionSelection operators in GA-PARSIMONY
plot.ga_parsimony-methodPlot of GA evolution of elitists
summary.ga_parsimony-methodSummary for GA-PARSIMONY
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