GGEBiplotGUI-package: GGEBiplotGUI: Interactive GGE Biplots in R

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A GUI with which to construct and interact with GGE biplots.


Package: GGEBiplotGUI
Type: Package
Version: 1.0-9
Date: 2016-02-02
License: GPL (>=2)

The GGEBiplotGUI package provides a graphical user interface for the construction of, interaction with, and manipulation of GGE biplots in R. Some of the functions of the package are: (i) ranking the cultivars based on their performance in any given environment, (ii) ranking the environments based on the relative performance of any given cultivar, (iii) comparing the performance of any pair of cultivars in diferent environments, (iv) identifying the best cultivar in each environment, (v) grouping the environments based on the best cultivars, (vi) evaluating the cultivars based on both average yield and stability and (vii) evaluating the environments based on both discriminating ability and representativeness. Three-dimensional biplots are incorporated via the rgl package. GGEBiplotGUI is designed to run under any of the major platforms (Windows, Linux and MacOS X). It will be necessary to install the toolkit "bwidget".


Elisa Frutos Bernal <> Purificacion Galindo Villardon <> Maintainer: Elisa Frutos Bernal <>

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