GIFT_lists: Metadata for checklists available in GIFT

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Metadata for checklists available in GIFT


Retrieves the metadata of each checklist within GIFT.


  api = "",
  GIFT_version = "latest"



character string defining from which API the data will be retrieved.


character string defining the version of the GIFT database to use. The function retrieves by default the latest stable version. If set to beta, the most up-to-date version which is still subject to changes and edits is used.


Here is what each column refers to:

ref_ID - Identification number of each reference.
Columns type and subset indicate what information can be found in each reference. Similarly, native_indicated, natural_indicated and end_ref indicate respectively whether native, naturalized and endemic species were stated in the reference. restricted refers to the availability of the reference, taxon_ID to the taxonomic group available in a reference. list_ID is the identification number of a checklist within a reference, entity_ID of the associated polygon. geo_entity associates a name to this identification number. suit_geo indicates whether the checklist is suitable for use, entity_class and entity_unit give additional details about the polygon.


A data frame with 15 columns.


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 access the Global Inventory of Floras and Traits. Methods in Ecology
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 Weigelt, P, König, C, Kreft, H. GIFT – A Global Inventory of Floras and
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ex <- GIFT_lists()

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