Man pages for GJRM
Generalised Joint Regression Modelling

adjCovAdjustment for the covariance matrix from a fitted gjrm model
adjCovSDAdjustment for the covariance matrix from a gjrm model fitted...
ATAverage treatment effect of a binary/continuous/discrete...
AT2Average treatment effect from a two-part model
BCDFInternal Function
bcontInternal Function
bdiscrcontInternal Function
bdiscrdiscrInternal Function
bprobgHsInternal Function
bprobgHsContInternal Function
bprobgHsContSSInternal Function
bprobgHsContUnivInternal Function
bprobgHsDiscr1Internal Function
bprobgHsDiscr1SSInternal Function
bprobgHsPOInternal Function
bprobgHsSSInternal Function
conv.checkSome convergence diagnostics
copgHsInternal Function
copulaSampleSelInternal fitting function
distrHsInternal Function
eta.trInternal Function
gamlssGeneralised Additive Models for Location, Scale and Shape
gamlssObjectFitted gamlssObject object
gjrmGeneralised Joint Regression Models with...
gjrmObjectFitted gjrm object
GJRM-packageGeneralised Joint Regression Modelling
gt.bpmGradient test
g.triInternal Function
hazsurv.plotHazard and survival plots
hivHIV Zambian data
H.triInternal Function
imputeSSMissing values' imputation
jc.probsJoint or conditional probabilities from a fitted joint model
llpsiInternal Function
LM.bpmLagrange Multiplier Test (Score Test)
logLik.SemiParBIVExtract the log likelihood for a fitted copula model
mbNonparametric (worst-case and IV) Manski's bounds
mepsMEPS data
numghInternal Function
ORCausal odds ratio of a binary/continuous/discrete endogenous...
penInternal Function
plot.SemiParBIVPlotting function
polys.mapGeographic map with regions defined as polygons
polys.setupSet up geographic polygons
post.checkDiagnostic plots for discrete/continuous response margin
predict.SemiParBIVPrediction function
pred.mvtFunction to predict mean and variance of marginal...
prevEstimated overall prevalence from sample selection model
print.ATPrint an AT object
print.AT2Print an AT2 object
print.copulaSampleSelPrint a copulaSampleSel object
print.gamlssPrint a gamlss object
print.gjrmPrint a gjrm object
print.mbPrint an mb object
print.ORPrint an OR object
print.prevPrint an prev object
print.RRPrint an RR object
print.SemiParBIVPrint a SemiParBIV object
print.SemiParTRIVPrint a SemiParTRIV object
probmInternal Function
regHInternal Function
resp.checkPlots for response variable
rMVNMultivariate Normal Variates
RRCausal risk ratio of a binary/continuous/discrete endogenous...
SemiParBIVInternal fitting function
SemiParBIV.fitInternal Function Function
SemiParTRIVInternal fitting function
S.mInternal Function
summary.copulaSampleSelcopulaSampleSel summary
summary.gamlssgamlss summary
summary.gjrmgjrm summary
summary.SemiParBIVSemiParBIV summary
summary.SemiParTRIVSemiParTRIV summary
TRIapproxInternal Function
triprobgHsInternal Function
vis.gjrmVisualization function
VuongClarkeVuong and Clarke tests
warCivil war data
working.compInternal Function
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