Man pages for GLMpack
Data and Code to Accompany Generalized Linear Models, 2nd Edition

africaData on inflation increase in Africa
campaignData on campaign contributions in California in the 2014...
committeeData on bills assigned to House committees in the 103rd and...
corruptionData on censored corruption scale
dpData on capital punishment
glm.cisCompute confidence intervals for predictions.
glm.summarySummarize regression output from generalized linear models.
glm.summary.multinomSummarize regression output from multinomial generalized...
glm.vcCompute variance-covariance matrix.
mexicoData on Mexico from the Mexican Family Life Survey
peaceData on the characteristics of peace agreement outcomes
primaryData on the 2016 Republican Presidentical Primaries
scotvoteData on the Scottish national parliament vote
starData on California state data on educational policy and...
suicideData on suicides in 2009 in OECD member states
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