Man pages for GPLTR
Generalized Partially Linear Tree-Based Regression Model

bag.aucoobAUC on the Out Of Bag samples
bagging.pltrbagging pltr models
best.tree.BIC.AICPrunning the Maximal tree
best.tree.bootstrapparametric bootstrap on a pltr model
best.tree.CVPrunning the Maximal tree
best.tree.permutepermutation test on a pltr model
burnburn dataset
data_pltrgpltr data example
GPLTR-packageFit a generalized partially linear tree-based regression...
nested.treescompute the nested trees
pltr.glmPartially tree-based regression model function
predict_bagg.pltrprediction on new features
p.val.treeCompute the p-value
tree2glmtree to GLM
tree2indicatorsFrom a tree to indicators (or dummy variables)
VIMPBAGscore of importance for variables
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