Man pages for GRANBase
Creating Continuously Integrated Package Repositories from Manifests

buildBadgeCreate Badges for build status
buildBranchesInRepoBuild SCM Checkouts Into Repository Directory
buildReportURLConstructs the gRAN build report URL
buildRiskReportBuild risk-assessment for proposed package updates
checkAndFixLibLocProtect against binary incompatibility in R versions (3.4-...
clearClear packages and temporary files from repo build process
createHyperlinkCreates a href tag
createJSONCreate JSON representation of package information
createMetaCreate package metadata files in the "Meta" folder
createStickerCreate hex stickers for packages
deltaDFReturns the difference between 2 data frames
determinePkgURLGenerate package's external URL after validation info as...
emailNotifierSend email notifications to maintainers whose builds failed
emailTagCreate a mailto tag for email IDs
encode_stringConvert string to numeric representation
extPkgURLWrapper for determinePkgURL
extPkgURL_oldWrapper for determinePkgURL. Deprecate due to performance...
generateDescInfoConverts a DESCRIPTION file to a data.frame
getFailureInfoCreates a dataframe containing information regarding packages...
getOSGet the OS Type
isValidEmailChecks whether an email ID is valid
makeWinBinsMake Windows binary packages
notifyManifestSends email notifications for a given manifest
pkgHTMLCreate HTML splash pages for packages
readPkgsNEWSRead and summarize the NEWS files for packages at risk...
relatedPkgsWrapper for dependsOnPkgs
reversalsGenerate reverse dependency info as data.frame
sendMailWrapper for sendmail, allows for multiple attachments to be...
sortDelimitedStringAlphabetically sort delimited strings
string2listConverts delimited string to list
testCoverageCalculate and generate package code test coverage reports
updateArchiveMove older package sources to the Archive directory
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