Man pages for GeoFIS
Spatial Data Processing for Decision Making

AggregFisClass "AggregFis"
AggregFunctionClass "AggregFunction"
AggregOwaClass "AggregOwa"
AggregWamClass "AggregWam"
conductivity_2014Soil conductivity 2014 dataset
conductivity_borderBorder dataset
EuclideanDistanceThe "Euclidean" distance
FusionClass "Fusion"
fusion_carsFusion Cars dataset
FusionLabelClass "FusionLabel"
FuzzyDistanceThe "Fuzzy" distance
GeoFISGeoFIS package
LearnOwaWeightsLearn the OWA weights
LearnWamWeightsLearn the WAM weights
MaximumDistanceThe "Maximum" distance
MeanDistanceThe "Mean" distance
MinimumDistanceThe "Minimum" distance
MinkowskiDistanceThe "Minkowski" distance
NewAggregFisCreate object of class "AggregFis"
NewAggregFunctionCreate object of class "AggregFunction"
NewAggregOwaCreate object of class "AggregOwa"
NewAggregWamCreate object of class "AggregWam"
NewFisFusionCreate object of class "Fis" to be used in data fusion
NewFusionCreate object of class "Fusion"
NewFusionAggregCreate an aggregation node to be used in data fusion
NewFusionInputCreate an input node to be used in data fusion
NewZoningCreate object of class "Zoning"
tolimaTolima dataset
ZoneAreaThe "Area" smallest zone
ZoneSizeThe "Size" smallest zone
ZoningClass "Zoning"
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