Man pages for GerminaR
Germination Indices and Graphics for Seed Germination in Ecophysiological Studies

dtsmMean Comparison Table Summary
evalDaysSelect Evaluation Days
evalFactorSelect Factors of germination matrix
fplotPlot line or bar graphic
ger_ASGArcSin of Germination Percentage
ger_boxpBoxplot graphic
ger_cumsumCumulative sum of germination matrix
ger_CVGCoefficient of Variance of the Mean Germination Time
ger_getdataImport google spreadsheet or xlsx file
ger_GRPGermination Seed Percentage
ger_GRSGerminated Seed Number
ger_GSPGermination Speed
ger_intimeCumulative sum of germination by period of time for line...
ger_leqRegresion line equation
ger_lineregPlot line regression
ger_MGRMean Germination Rate
ger_MGTMean Germination Time
GerminaQuant@description GermiQuant for R app allows make the calculation...
ger_SDGStandard deviation of the Mean Germination Time
ger_summarySummary of Germination indices
ger_SYNGermination Synchronization Index
ger_testcompMultiple comparison test
ger_UNCGermination Uncertainty
ger_VGTVariance of the Mean Germination Time
osmpOsmotic potential calculator
prosopisGermination under different osmotic potentials and...
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rep_rowRepeated Rows in a data matrix
starts_withSelect colum according the initial letters of the words
stat_smDescriptive Statistics for a model
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