Man pages for GetDFPData
Reading Annual Financial Reports from Bovespa's DFP, FRE and FCA System

fix.fctFix NULL values in dataframe a dataframe from gdfpd_GetDFPData to the wide format files from the internet
gdfpd.export.DFP.dataExport tibble to an excel or csv (zipped) file
gdfpd.fix.DFP.dataframesFix dataframe for version issues and inflation measures...
gdfpd.get.bovespa.dataReads information for a company from B3 site
gdfpd.GetDFPDataDownloads and reads financial reports from B3's DFP/FRE/FCA...
gdfpd.get.files.from.bovespaFetches ALL new files from Bovespa
gdfpd.get.inflation.dataDownloads and read inflation data from github up to date information about Bovespa companies from a... a single zip file downloaded from Bovespa folder for zip file post 2011 (internal) folder for zip file pre 2011 (internal) a single FCA zip file downloaded from Bovespa a single FRE zip file downloaded from Bovespa FWF file from bovespa (internal) folder for FCA zip file contents (internal) folder for zip file post 2011 (internal) users search for a company name
get_filesFetches files for different systens (INTERNAL)
my.copy.fctCopies data to external file
my.merge.dfs.listsMerges (row wise) dataframes from different list, using names...
xml.fct.auditingReads XML data for auditing
xml.fct.board.compositionReads XML data for board composition
xml.fct.capitalReads XML data for capita XML data for capital reduction data
xml.fct.committee.compositionReads XML data for commitee composition
xml.fct.compensationReads XML data for compensation
xml.fct.compensation.summaryReads XML data for compensation summary data
xml.fct.debtReads XML data for debt
xml.fct.div.detailsReads XML data for div details XML data for family related parts XML data for family relations
xml.fct.intangible.detailsReads XML data for patents details
xml.fct.repurchasesReads XML data for repurchases
xml.fct.responsibleReads XML data for responsibles documents
xml.fct.splits.inplitsReads XML data for splits/inplits data
xml.fct.stockholderReads XML data for stockholder data
xml.fct.stocks.detailsReads XML data for stock details
xml.fct.stock.valuesReads XML data for stock value
xml.fct.transactions.relatedReads XML data for transaction data
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