plot.GKtauMatrix: Plot method for DataRobot S3 objects of class GKtauMatrix

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Method for R's generic plot function for DataRobot S3 objects of class GKtauMatrix. This function generates an array of Goodman-Kruskal tau association measures as described under Details. Note that, in general, this matrix is asymmetric.


## S3 method for class 'GKtauMatrix'
plot(x, y, colorPlot = TRUE, corrColors = NULL,
  backgroundColor = "gray", diagColor = "black", diagSize = 1, ...)



S3 object of class GKtauMatrix to be plotted.


Not used; included for conformance with plot() generic function parameter requirements.


Logical variable indicating whether to generate a color plot (the default, for colorPlot = TRUE) or a black-and-white plot.


Character vector giving the color names for the correlation values printed on the plot; default value is NULL, causing rainbow(n) to be used, where n is the number of rows and columns in the matrix x.


Character variable naming the background color used for the correlation ellipses in the plot.


Character variable naming the color of the text used to display the number of levels per variable along the diagonal of the correlation matrix plot.


Numeric scale factor to adjust the text size for the number of levels displayed on the diagonal of the plot array.


Not used; included for conformance with plot() generic function parameter requirements.


This function calls the corrplot function from the corrplot package to generate an array of correlation plots from the matrix of Goodman-Kruskal tau measures returned by the GKtauDataframe function. The off-diagonal elements of this array contain ellipses whose shape is determined by the corresponding tau value, and the diagonal elements display the number of unique levels for each variable in the plot.

This plot may be rendered either in color (the default, obtained by specifying colorPlot as TRUE) or black-and-white. In color plots, the color of the text for the correlation values is set by the corrColors parameter. The default value for this parameter is NULL, which causes the function to use the color vector rainbow(n) where n is the number of rows and columns in the GKtauMatrix object x. The background color used to fill in each ellipse is specified by bhe backgroundColor parameter, and the text for the diagonal entries is determined by the diagColor parameter. In cases where the default choices make the correlation values difficult to read, a useful alternative is to specify corrColors = "blue".


None. This function is called for its side-effect of generating a plot.


Ron Pearson

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